House and pet sitting is an incredibly rewarding way to travel. This handy Beginner’s Guide to House and Pet Sitting will get you started on your journey of house and pet sitting around the world.

If you decide to start house and pet sitting around the world, not only do you travel the world and live like a local but you get to enjoy the company of animals knowing that you are helping ease a stressful period when their owners are away.

Is House and Pet Sitting right for you?

House and pet sitting isn’t for everyone, however there are lots of benefits such as;

  • free accommodation in the destination of your choice,
  • a more relaxed method of travel rather than the rush to move from one hotel room to the next;
  • the opportunity to live like a local and really get to know the area where you are staying,
  • the chance to meet new people,
  • and obviously you get to spend time with some really awesome animals.

If you aren’t sure if house and pet sitting is right for you then take the easy ‘Should I do house or pet sitting” quiz!

How to start House and Pet Sitting around the world?

House and pet sitting sites generally charge an annual administration fee for you to take advantage of their services.

Sign up to a House & Pet Sitting Site

We opted to go with Trusted House Sitters as they have a good reputation and a large client base throughout the world. All of their House Sitters are covered by their Insurance Backed Guarantee and they have a 24/7 Vet Advice Line.

I also chose them because their site has the best searching capability. Their filtering options let you narrow down by both start and end date of when you are available, the minimum and maximum time-frame that you are interested in house-sitting plus lots of other options.

Trusted House Sitters charge both the sitters and the owners to be members and offer a discount if you sign up for both. They are actually the most expensive house-sitting site around but from what I have found so far they give you the best value for your money.

Click here to receive a 25% discount when you sign up with Trusted House Sitters.

List of House and Pet Sitting Sites

There are literally dozens of sites where you can sign up to start house and pet sitting around the world, here are just a few:

I’ve signed up to a pet sitting site, what happens next?

Congratulations! You’ve signed up to a pet sitting site and now it’s time to start working on your profile.

At this point you will be super excited and desperate to apply for your first pet sitting opportunity.


Take a breath and complete your profile and verification process first.

I was way too enthusiastic when we signed up and we got declined on our first pet sitting application. It was so disappointing! I was perfect for them, why didn’t they like me? Looking back now it is SO obvious why I got rejected. I hadn’t finished our profile, we didn’t have any references and we hadn’t completed the verification process with our Passport/Drivers License. I wouldn’t have chosen myself either!

Setting up your profile and getting verified generally takes one to two weeks to complete. Take your time and do it properly so that you give yourself the best chance of being able to go house and pet sitting around the world.

Click here for some tips on how to create an awesome user profile.

How to find a house to sit

Where you go and for how long really depends on your financial situation, health, personal commitments, and time available etc. Some sitters like to find sitting opportunities within a short drive of their own residence and turn it into a long weekend away. Others, ourselves included, plan an entire overseas holiday around our house sitting opportunities.

If you are planning an overseas holiday around your house sitting commitments then aim for a location that has plenty of house sitting opportunities, especially for your first few times.

We initially found that we only received a successful response from 1 in 3 applications, in fact for the majority of applications we never received a response of any kind.

Some owners respond immediately to your application whereas others will sit on several applications and make a decision when they feel the best alternative has come along.

I have to admit to finding this very frustrating but it’s their house so they can follow whatever process they like. However, it does make it hard when you are trying to plan your travel arrangements.

Plan your house and pet sitting adventure

I’m more of a planner than a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type of girl! (anyone who knows me would laugh at what a HUGE understatement that comment was). If you’d like to know how we plan our house and pet sitting adventures. Read The ‘Snap Travel Blog’ Pet Sitting Process

Wherever you choose to go house and pet sitting, have fun and enjoy the experience.

Save the ‘Beginner’s Guide to House and Pet Sitting’ for later!

Don’t forget to click here to receive a 25% discount when you sign up with Trusted House Sitters.

Have you tried house and pet sitting around the world? Share the location of your first sitting experience by leaving a comment below.

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